Get Involved

We encourage people using our services to Get Involved.

Get Involved with Hoffmann Foundation for Autism

At Hoffmann Foundation for Autism we encourage people using our services, their families, our staff and those interested in “what we do” to “Get Involved” and there are a number of ways you can do this

Become a member

Why become a member of Hoffmann Foundation for Autism?

  • Without Members, Hoffmann Foundation for Autism cannot exist
  • You have the ultimate power at the AGM to appoint the Board of Trustees
  • Keep up to date with information about the Foundation and Autism

What do members do?

  • Approve the Annual Report and Accounts
  • Elect Members of the Committee – the Chair, Finance Director and Trustees
  • Appoint the Auditors
  • Approve any changes to the documents which govern how Hoffmann Foundation for Autism is run – the Memorandum of Articles and Articles of Association
How do I become a member?
Sign the Members register and pay £1


We do not have a big fundraising team at Hoffmann Foundation for Autism but we raise money by holding various Fundraising Events and Activities."
Frances Pestano
Office Manager / Fundraising Co-ordinator

Over the years, we have held a number of “Fundraisers” i.e. Talent Contest, London to Brighton Bike Marathon, Football Tournament, Quiz Nights, Steelband Concert and Bake Sales; and they have all been hugely successful. We are proud to say that the people we support have greatly benefitted from monies raised and here are just a few of the items purchased with fundraising proceeds:

  • Garden Furniture
  • Pottery equipment to make items such as cups, bowls & ornaments
  • Creation of a Sensory Room at our Supported Living Service in Stanmore
  • Sensory items and Equipment
  • Art & Craft items including an easel and Tee-shirt press
  • Gardening tools and equipment

All of these items were specifically selected and purchased; keeping in line with our ethos of improving the quality of life for those we support.

Every single “Fundraiser” was a heartfelt endeavour; both for those responsible for organising them and for those participating. Each one of our Fundraising Events has a “Story” behind it. Many organisations have helped Hoffmann to Fundraise and many individuals have given their time and dedicated hours to the various causes and we remain truly thankful to all involved. We hope to get busy with organising more Events in the near future. Click here for more information on Hoffmann Foundation events.

We have also put together a Hoffmann Recipe Book which is a collaborative effort of; HFA Staff (past and present), a well-known Chef, HFA Trustees, Management and Friends of HFA. To purchase a copy of the book click here

Over the years we have created Christmas Cards for sale and the designs on the cards have been produced in HFA’s Art & Craft Studios by the people we support under the direction of HFA’s Art Co-ordinator.

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