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News from the Hoffmann Foundation Autism charity London - Hoffmann Foundation

Prize Competition and Exhibition 2011

Written on 2nd October 2011 by Hoffmann Staff

The Hoffmann Foundation for Autism International Prize Competition and Exhibition 2011
The Hoffmann Foundation for Autism was founded by Alice Hoffmann de Visme OBE in 1955 as the Noah's Ark Trust, a school for children that statutory services had failed. The trust grew and now has five residential homes and a day centre providing services for adults with autistic spectrum conditions.

The art department of the day service began exhibiting the drawings and paintings of its service users in 1995 and has held 36 exhibitions. This is our 3rd Annual Competition. It became evident that the work was strongly influenced by autism and its co-morbid conditions, what was being shown were very different ways of looking at and understanding the world.

The Hoffmann Foundation for Autism Prize and exhibition has as its object the need to confront the dominance of art that depends upon strict adherence to those normal visual rules which act as a barrier to our group and to advocate the inclusion of divergent formal approaches: ‘not everything which falls out of line, what is accordingly abnormal, must on that account already be inferior’.

The competition and exhibition will help establish the special and unique characteristics in the work of people who have autistic spectrum conditions, one which reflects the special and unique way they understand and relate to the world around them. It aims to discover links between these principles and establish a practical method of understanding how this art can be made, enjoyed and shared with others. It’s hoped that the prizes will encourage artists with asc to feel confident about the special way they make art and show that their work is as skilled, imaginative and varied as any other art. We’ve extended the deadline because of the school holidays so please bring or send your work before October 31st 2011 to:

Art Depot: The Exhibition
The Art & Craft Studios
The Hub
2 Park Avenue
Wood Green
London N22 7EX

If you would like any further information regarding the exhibition then please get in touch with the art department:

Contact for Art Depot: Tel.: The Art Studios 0208 829 0404
The Hub office at 0203 326 6360

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Prize Competition and Exhibition 2011Prize Competition and Exhibition 2011Prize Competition and Exhibition 2011
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