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News from the Hoffmann Foundation Autism charity London - Hoffmann Foundation

Eric's New Flat

Written on 24th January 2012 by Hoffmann Staff

Eric lives in one of our supported living units and has a longstanding relationship with Hoffmann Foundation for Autism for about a decade. In this article, Eric talks about his new flat, his Aspergers condition and his goals for the future. * Please note that intitials have been used instead of names for confidentiality purposes.


service user, supported living, asperger syndrome, aspergers, autism, asc  I am feeling very happy to be living in my flat at Castleton Avenue. It is a very nice flat. They have done a  very good job of painting the flat inside, done properly by C plus another man. My washing machine was done by C as well. I have a very nice television in my room. I have had it for a long time. It works very well; Plus a laptop, also computer that I use to do typing on it. I have an XBOX 360 game console in doors which has a 320 GB gears of war 3 game.


I know most of the clients in Castleton Avenue by name. I go next door to say hello to staff plus LA the manager of Castleton Avenue. I play games with the Clients as well like snakes and ladders, frustration which is a game. I watch the television in the lounge downstairs.


I like Castleton Avenue because the staff are very nice to me when I go to visit them there during the day plus I get on with everybody there. It is a very nice atmosphere to be in, knowing that there are people that I can talk to. I feel great moving into the flat at Castleton because I have been there before. It is a lovely flat; got my gadgets that I worked hard for.


I feel fine being diagnosed by Doctor having to live with Asperger Syndrome which is in the spectrum of the circle. I am a normal person like anyone else including the public that you see outside. I do lots of things myself like going to college doing different subjects that I enjoy doing during the week. I do my shopping on Fridays; usually go to Bonanza Club on Saturdays. I enjoy going there as well.


The only difference I feel is that other people find it hard to recognise that I have Asperger Syndrome.     


No, I do not find it hard to meet people just because I have Asperger Syndrome. I do not feel ashamed having it at all. It  is something I was diagnosed with by my Doctor. I get on with  people very well which is very nice to see. I think the support is very good that I get from Hoffmann Foundation for Autism which is great to see including the support workers that help me do things. During the week I also sometimes go to the new Head Office based in Finsbury Square near Moorgate Train Station.


I like the support because I can talk to my support worker about anything or any concerns that I may have which is very reassuring to have with your client. Also, I get on very well with my support worker his name is KC who is great.


I would like to learn to drive again but I would like to do the theory test first. In future, I would like to live in a bungalow with support in the same area because I would like to feel independent and do things for myself but with support from Hoffmann Foundation.


- Eric Martin, service user


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