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News from the Hoffmann Foundation Autism charity London - Hoffmann Foundation

Positive Feedback...

Written on 10th April 2013 by Hoffmann Staff

To the Hoffmann Foundation,

I'm emailing to say thank you. I am Dawn Huckle. I came to the Hoffmann Foundation in July for assessment regarding AS. I received my diagnosis in September. I want to say thank you, because I am grateful for quite a few things. Here are the things I'm particularly grateful for: (Because I am grateful for quite a few things, it's quite a long email. You could read it later when you have time, if you like.)

    When I initially inquired about the Hoffmann Foundation's services, I got quick, clear and informative responses and this gave an impression of trustworthy professionalism and a friendly feel.
    When I came to the Hoffmann Foundation in person, the friendly professionalism continued. Also, the map I was sent, to find the building, was very useful. The psychologists that assessed me for AS took me seriously and were friendly. I appreciated this very much. Because I've had a tough time getting taken seriously in the past, the Hoffmann Foundation was a massive contrast and a relief. I was treated as an intelligent and sensible (sane?) individual rather than an eccentric nuisance. The result of this is I now think of myself as the intelligent and sensible person I thought I was, but had doubted. I have some new self-confidence and resilience.
    When I was at the Hoffmann Foundation, the psychologists had read the notes I had sent ahead of time. This again was a massive contrast to previous experiences elsewhere. The Hoffmann Foundation took me seriously and treated me as though I mattered. It is difficult to describe how important this has been to my taking myself seriously and gaining self-esteem. It has been greatly important.
    The written report is detailed and thorough. I was recently talking to a disability staff member at Connexions, who looked at the report and was very impressed. Also, it is accurate and again shows that the psychologists listened and paid close attention to me, as the person being assessed.   Since getting my diagnosis, life has begun to change in some positive ways. Here's how:
    My family and one closer friend, who works with me from my church, have read (or are reading) about AS and are talking to me about it and gaining a greater understanding.
    With a diagnosis, I have been eligible to make use of Connexions until I am 25, rather than the usual 13-19 age range. Connexions have refered me to a local service that helps people with ASDs to find employment. They also gave me a local (Leicester) directory of services/organisations for people with ASDs.
    I have decided that one day I want to work with people with autism or less able people with AS, as part of a staff team, where my experience of having AS, together with my youth work degree and the abilities of non-AS staff, can be utilised effectively in a job that goes with what I am passionate about. It is good to have a longer-term aim again, rather than only looking for cleaning work.
    I have been able to understand myself and while still having expectations of myself, I can also give myself a break, knowing there is reason for some difficulties. I can call these difficulties AS and find a healthy pride in the positives of AS, rather than call myself stupid and take another step down to depression. Recently I took someone too literally and instead of being embarrassed, I laughed and they did too and it is a happy memory now.

    I have begun to write down thoughts and one day, if I find I have something new and useful to contribute to the existing library of publications, I might even turn it into a book, possibly.

        Ok, those are the reasons I am grateful. I hope you are happy about them, even though you are busy with a lot of different people. I hope it's good to hear about the positives that occur in people's lives after, and as a result of, your work. There will probably be other positive outcomes in the future, maybe some more really good and big ones.  Ocassionally I visit the WrongPlanet forum and I recommended the Hoffmann Foundation to another person in a similar situation to mine because then the same good things might happen for that other person.

Thank you.  - Dawn Huckle.

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