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News from the Hoffmann Foundation Autism charity London - Hoffmann Foundation

We Need Volunteers...

Written on 10th October 2011 by Hoffmann Staff

My name is Lydia Atubeh (a recent graduate from the University of York - York, England). I am working with a voluntary organization in the USA ( to develop a short documentary on Autism in general and Asperger's in particular.I am partnering with a film producer/director (also a Uni of York graduate) based in London who will be filming the project. We are in need of volunteers for the film. We are in special need of:

  • Individuals with Asperger's/high functioning autism (We are primarily interested in teenagers and adults)
  • At least one or two doctors specializing in Asperger's disorder
  • Someone from social care department
  • Teacher(s) from special schools or centers
  • Specialists who provide services, such as music therapy, counseling and employment
  • Parents with children (teenagers and adults) having Asperger's
    • Please respond as soon as possible, as we would like to begin filming immediately at

      Mission of film and additional details:
      • We would like to increase public awareness about individuals with the Asperger's diagnosis
      • We are hoping the film will challenge the public to provide more inclusive employment and social opportunities
      • We would like to present the needs, aspirations and concerns of individuals with Asperger's
      • The film will be shown primarily in the USA for educational purposes, but will also be made available to participating organizations in the UK.
        • Thanks,
          Lydia Atubeh

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