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News from the Hoffmann Foundation Autism charity London - Hoffmann Foundation

A Review of the Art Exhibition

Written on 7th January 2014 by Hoffmann Staff

A Review of the Hoffmann Foundation for Autism’s Exhibition and Competition of paintings and drawings held at Bruce Castle from October to December 2013, by one of the Judges

The annual exhibition of paintings from the Hoffmann Foundation's Art and Crafts Project is drawing to a close at Bruce Castle, and has proven, this year, to be a bigger treat than ever.

While the judges were well taken with the creative industry and artistic acumen of prize winning artists like Theo Attah and Lucie North, the general quality of all the art on display is such that they found it very difficult to ignore the work of other artists. Such as the wistful
interpretations of Alex Seale or the intelligent abstractions of say, Georgina Maria Milton Robertson and Allan Turnbull.  

Comment was also made on the travel inspired landscape of Paul Bott, the expression of the mundane by Senel Bora in her ‘Portait of Theo’, the sideways glance at impressionism of Daniel Meniru and the imaginative work of Belle CaudellIt must be once again said that the importance of these exhibitions can never be oveemphasised as they offer to the artists concerned an all too rare opportunity to expresthemselves clearly and to stand amongst their friends, family and the public at large on an 

equal footing, a point that one would hope is never lost.

A ramble around this exhibition is nothing short of a sheer delight. We have it all here, from the everyday scene outside Morrrison’s of Carl Jones to the outer space fantasies of Bruce Yang and from Cameron Stewart Laird-Rennie' s super hero to Tessa Hulbert's Lady Gaga. This exhibition is great, well worth a visit, congratulations to ALL the artists. It's great.

A judge. 

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