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News from the Hoffmann Foundation Autism charity London - Hoffmann Foundation


Written on 21st July 2015 by Hoffmann Staff

My work on the website is about building through unusual angles, personal projects and social butterflies’ outings. I have used acrylic paints on canvas paper. I set up a website on Tumblr in 2014. The website will tell you the biography, quotes, archive, contact details, events, useful links and newsletters which are related to the artwork.

Building through unusual angles is about popular and recognisable buildings. I was encouraged to paint more buildings through unusual angles by my mother as she felt it was much more relatable to the general public.  Once the paintings received good reviews I decided to expand the locations I was using for inspirations, most notably other part of the UK, France and Spain.


Personal Project is about expressing myself wanting to find love and feeling lonely at times. Whenever I have felt lonely, I asked someone to take a photograph of me while I exaggerate my current emotion. I then have a physical copy that I can refer to while painting.


Social butterflies outing are about gathering my friends together. This doesn’t always happen very often due to people being busy and having other commitments. About a year ago, I had an idea that once a month I would organise a picnic afternoon or a museum outing. It helps people with Autism and other disabilities to make friends easily. When these events occur I photograph it and then I paint it from the photograph.


I started doing portraits through someone asking me to paint them. I tend to do portraits in an un-mirrored perspective using lots of vibrant colours; it’s a very similar style to David Hockney. When I have some spare time I paint people who are part of my life. These are friends I have met through going to art exhibitions, specials needs discos, Family friends, work colleagues, college friends and other people that I know.

My website is

By Oliver Chan

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