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Treating everyone as an individual... Personalisation allows us to tailer our services just for you,
                         meaning you get everything you need and more...

What is personalisation?

Personalisation is about delivering care and support services that place the individual at the heart of the decisions about how their care is provided and by whom. It requires a significant transformation of adult social care so that all systems, processes, staff and services are geared to putting people first. This is welcomed by Hoffmann Foundation, who have always strived to put the person first and supported the individual to make informed choices concerning how they live their lives.

For more information about Personalisation download :

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What is a personalised budget?

Self directed assessment is a simplified assessment that is led as far as possible by the person, in partnership with the professional and focuses on the outcomes that they want to achieve in meeting their eligible needs. Assessment looks at the individual's circumstances and situation as a whole, taking into account the needs of carers, family members and others who provide informal support. The local authority has a duty to assess what individual needs can be met through proportionate self-directed assessment and the support planning process and is legally responsible for signing off the assessment and support plan.

What is a self directed assessment?

In December 2007, Putting People First (HM Government, 2007) proposed that all social care users should have access to a personal budget, with the intention that they could use it to exercise choice and control to meet their agreed social care outcomes.

Personal budgets must be implemented within the framework of self-directed support, which involves self-directed assessment; 'up-front' allocation of funds and support planning to promote maximum choice and control.
For more information on personal budgets which are currently known as 'Direct Payments', Click here

What services can be purchased?

Depending on the outcome of your 'self directed assessment' and the personal budget allocated, you could purchase the following services from us to support you with:

Outreach:Skill building, budgeting, accessing community, befriending, travel training, sourcing activities at the Hub and/or Art Centre, support with maintaining tenancy, finding courses and accessing college etc.

Psychology:Counselling and Psychotherapy services, Social Skill courses, Behavioural Support