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Bringing you a select range of services Offering fantastic levels of support and assistance
                     around the home and out in the community.
Hoffmann Foundation Services hide

Hoffmann Foundation for Autism works 24 hours per day throughout the year providing support services to people with autism. The services we provide include:

Residential homes for people who need constant care.
Services for people who want to live more independently
Outreach services for people who can live independently and need help; for example to access education and leisure
Psychology services that provide diagnostic assessments, counselling, behaviour therapy and social skills
Day Services offering social, educational and creative activities

Challenges hide

The challenge for HFA is to keep faith with the passion and pioneering spirit of our Founder, Alice Hoffmann de Visme, whose motivation was a desire to create a better life for people with autism.

Our focus at all times is the needs of people with autism, how to improve individual's lives and assist them in their struggle to cope in a world of unpredicability, where services are often difficult to access.

Our Approach hide

Our approach is from that of an equality and human rights perspective. People with autism should enjoy the same rights as everyone else. Hoffmann Foundation for Autism is a dynamic forward-thinking organisation, with skilled staff from a variety of backgrounds and a range of work and life experiences.

We are responsive to the ever changing needs of service users as well as the demands of all our stakeholders, including central government, the health service and local authorities. We continue to develop new services where there is a demand such as the new transition unit in North Wembley for young adults leaving full-time education.

The Future hide

The organisation is constantly reviewing the services that we provide to ensure that we are responsive to the changing needs of our service users whilst at the same time maintaining a balance against the socio-economic challenges.

We intend to put Hoffmann Foundation at the centre of an alliance of stakeholders in the autism community, expanding its role and functions beyond provision of care and transforming HFA into a London-wide care and support provider, and a nationally recognised organisation with a distinctive voice and clear messages on policy and the rights of people with autism.