The Art & Craft Studios

Housed in a sunny courtyard, alongside the Hoffmann Hub, the Art and Craft Studios are well lit, well equipped and offer tuition to individuals and groups.

The Art & Craft Studios

2 Park Avenue, Wood Green,
London N22 7EX

020 8881 8638


Housed in a sunny courtyard, alongside the Hoffmann Hub, the Art and Craft Studios are well lit, well equipped and offer tuition to individuals and groups.

We are close to Wood Green and its bustling shopping centre and Alexandra Palace and all the park facilities on offer.

Client Group

Individuals who use the service may live in their own homes, with families or in one of the Hoffmann services. There is diversity in ages, gender and background. Individuals represent differences across the Autism Spectrum and vary in their cognitive, learning, emotional and mental health needs.


The studios work closely with the Hub and keep the same hours, being open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am-3pm for 51 weeks per year and closed for bank holidays.

Our understanding of the complexities of autism, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the individual’s needs and skills continues to motivate our aim to find attainable goals of value to the individual.

A wealth of informed and exciting ideas are provided to support the creative, social and personal development of the individual within the practical requirements of a socially integrated personal development plan.

Projects are tailored to the existing skills, tastes and aspirations of the individual as they are revealed and support offered at appropriate levels to provide practical results, aiming at reducing difficulties with communication and interaction, thus enabling the individual to gain confidence through success and supporting the person that they want to be.

Monthly Field Trips with art-related objectives offer individuals exposure to painting, drawing and sculpture.  Recent trips have been to the John Cass Sculpture Park at Goodwood in East Sussex and the Tate Modern in Southwark to see the Rothko Room.

Volunteers add their specialist skills to help individuals participate in a range of arts and crafts and related recreational activities, including photography, drawing and painting, ceramics, model making, general woodwork and t-shirt printing.

The Arts & Craft Studio Courtyard
The Art & Craft Studio Courtyard


Since 1993 we have held 46 mixed and one person art exhibitions across the country and we have set the pace in establishing a visual aesthetic for people on the spectrum, supporting their differences in all visual and many functional areas.

2010 spearheaded the start of an annual open competition and exhibition with cash prizes. This has been very successful and attracted many entries from all over the UK.

The exhibitions allow individuals to express their thoughts and feelings and present a worldview in their pictures, which enhances our own aesthetic knowledge and offers insights into the world of autism, encouraging change in ourselves by opening our minds to the diversity of perception.

The reciprocal processes of art as a social activity, the making of art and the looking at art, are key to ensuring that neurodiversity and how this is experienced is embraced. Where there is diversity amongst our artist, there is diversity of opportunity, provided the differences and similarities of individuals on the spectrum are supported and understood.


The team comprises of the Art Co-ordinator who has over 27 years experience of working with adults with an Autism Spectrum difference and a team of volunteers and support practitioners from the Hub.

We are fully trained to support individuals on the Autism Spectrum; both mandatory, statutory and specialist training is maintained.

We work alongside our Therapeutic Support Service and Autism Consultant, who offer advice, reflection and training, as well as hands-on support to the team and individuals using our service.

Collaborative Working

We work closely with family members and professionals involved in the individual’s life and encourage openness and transparency. We also encourage collaboration with other art projects and support student placements/internships where this is of value to the people we support.

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