The Hub Day Activities Centre

The Hub provides day activities for the people we support

The Hub Day Activities Centre

2 Park Avenue, Wood Green,
London N22 7EX

020 3326 6360

Opening Hours

We are currently open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 3pm for 51 weeks per year. The Hub is closed for bank holidays. Sessions take place in the Hub but we also access community facilities where possible.

The Hub

The Hub Day Activities Centre provides a range of activities for adults on the Autism Spectrum. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm and is staffed by a team who specialise in working with adults with autism.


The Hub is a continuing social education and prevocational service for adults on the Autism Spectrum. We are situated in a residential road equidistant from Alexandra Palace with its calm open spaces and the bustle of Wood Green with its large shopping mall and various facilities, including cafes, shops and library. There are two local parks, a swimming pool, boating lake and ice rink close by. Wood Green underground and bus station as well as Alexandra Palace overground are walking distance.


The building was originally set up by Alice Hoffmann de Visme MBE as a special needs school called the Noah’s Arc Trust later becoming the Alice Hoffmann School for children with learning, communication and behavioural difficulties. In the 1970s as the children grew up and lacked adult services it transitioned to the Hoffmann de Visme Services to offer continuing educational, social, vocational and leisure provision to people 18 years plus, a legacy we continue today.

Client Group

We currently have 15 people using the service; many attend full time whilst others are part time and some attend for specific activities only. Funding is on a 1 to 1 or 1 to 3 basis although this can change depending on an individual’s identified needs and support requirements. We take people from 18 years and work across all London Boroughs. Transport to and from the Hub is not provided and this would need to be arranged by the individual or their commissioning authority.


Each individual has a personal development plan focussing on enhancing social, emotional and learning needs. Individuals are encouraged to participate in group activities and where appropriate integrated with others to enhance socialisation and communication skills; a differentiated learning and support plan will identify how this is done for each person. At the heart of our service is a respect for the individual’s autism, how they experience the world around them and what activities will enhance their development.

We are happy to discuss the individual needs of anyone wishing to attend the Hub and do our best to tailor their educational and support package.

Type of activities on offer include:

We are currently open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 3pm for 51 weeks per year. The Hub is closed for bank holidays. Sessions take place in the Hub but we also access community facilities where possible.

  • Sports and Leisure – e.g. walking; cycling; horse riding, gym, swimming, massage, yoga, visiting places of interest, cafes.
  • Arts and Crafts – e.g. fine art, woodwork, textile and pottery. Education- e.g. social communication skills, IT skills, basic literacy/numeracy and money management.
  • Music – e.g. drumming, music and dance sessions and, music therapy.
  • Horticulture – e.g. allotment; gardening group; nature walks, plant and cook.
  • Daily Living Skills – e.g. shopping, cooking; using public transport; road awareness.
  • Personal Development – e.g. men and women’s groups, body awareness, emotion recognition, sensory support.


The staff team comprises of one Manager, one Senior Administrator and 6 Support Workers. Our staff team are fully trained to support individuals on the Autism Spectrum with complex needs. We provide a range of statutory and specialist training to ensure that the individuals we support have the optimum opportunity to experience activities that capture their interests and help them flourish within their own potential. The team either have a background or interest in the areas they lead.

The staff team work closely with Hoffmann’s Therapeutic Support Service and our Autism Consultant to ensure we remain up to date on developments and have access to specialist advice, reflective practice and training as well as hands-on assessment and support.

Collaborative Working

We have a longstanding relationship with family members and work closely with them. In addition to this, we aim to work closely with Care Managers and other professionals involved in the care and support of those attending the Hub. We encourage outside specialists (e.g. music and yoga therapists) to run sessions and support links with community facilities where these might be of benefit to the individual’s development, as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of the value of neurodiversity.


To provide an individualised and recognised service of excellence to people with autism which will enhance their lives and empower the individual to develop the skills necessary for personal growth and autonomy.


Credit given to Shengwei Fong for his Artwork which is featured throughout this website.

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