Therapeutic Support Service

The people we support are inspirational

Our therapeutic, psycho-educational and behavioural approaches are tailored to meet the unique experience of the individual.

Therapeutic Support Service

4 Gordon Avenue, Stanmore,
Middlesex HA7 3QD

020 7269 6933 / 6943


The Therapeutic Support Service located at Gordon Avenue works across all Hoffmann Foundation services to support each individual’s social, emotional, cognitive and behavioural needs.

What we offer

We offer a range of approaches specifically tailored to the individual; our work is guided by evidence based practice and embodies the pioneering spirit of our Founder Alice Hoffmann de Visme. We deliver training and development including holding regular reflective practice meetings with each team to ensure that support staff have the highest standards of professionalism and autism expertise to reflect the needs of the individuals they support.

We facilitate a calm and non-judgemental environment where staff and parents can share their concerns and have support available to help identify positive solutions.

We offer assessments for people being referred to Hoffmann services as well as ongoing assessment for individuals in the services.


The team currently comprises of a Manager and a Psychotherapeutic Practitioner with input from an Autism Consultant Psychologist. The Manager is an Applied Behaviour Analyst leading in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and the Psychotherapeutic Practitioner provides an integrative therapeutic approach.

Therapeutic Support

The people we support are inspirational, they see and experience the world in different ways, and so we utilise a range of therapeutic, psycho-educational and behavioural approaches adapted to meet the uniqueness of the neurodiverse perspective, this takes account of each individual’s sensory and perceptual processing, their affective/emotional experiences, their responses/behaviour and cognitive/thinking style (SPARC).

Positive Behaviour Support – individuals may communicate their needs and distress in complex ways, the premise of PBS is to make sense of these behaviours and what they mean to the individual in order to support them to find more positive ways of self expression, to build on their strengths and reach their full potential. We do this by identifying the circumstances that give rise to complex behaviours through the use of functional assessments and by developing positive support plans working alongside the individual, our staff, other professionals and significant people in the individual’s life (e.g. family; friends).

Psychotherapeutic support – therapy is tailored to the individual instead of the individual to the therapy. A range of therapeutic approaches can therefore be used, for example, cognitive, behavioural, and humanistic. We aim to help people in areas such as anger management, emotion recognition, obsessive compulsive difficulties, depression and anxiety management. Therapeutic support is offered after an initial assessment is undertaken with the individual, the staff and family. Support may be delivered on a one to one, or in a group session as needed.

Collaborative Working

We work closely with other professionals, family members and key people in the individual’s life and encourage openness and transparency.

We are happy to share our insights and support awareness through training for families and other practitioners. We actively seek to engage with developments in the field of autism and contribute to the positive work that is taking place internationally with and for the community of autism.

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