What people think about us

Below you’ll find a selection of testimonial videos.

Sit back and watch the following two short video clips

The first video is a testimonial from Parents whose son, Shengwei, attends the Art Studios at Wood Green on a regular basis.  Shengwei is mentored by HFA’s Art Co-ordinator, Ian Wilson.  You will be amazed when you see Shengwei demonstrating what he does “best” and that is, creating a fabulous piece of Artwork.

The second video shows one of the people we used to support at Hoffmann Foundation for Autism and who is also a current HFA Member.  He is reading from a text that he prepared himself, structured around questions that were posed before the interview.  You will also hear from Christopher, who currently volunteers at the Art Studios.  Christopher is a graduate of Metropolitan University (he has a BA Hons in Printing & Textiles and has Asperger’s Syndrome).

We are delighted that we have been able to share these clips with you so that you can see “what people think about us” and of course, showcase people’s immense talent and motivation.

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